Closet Makeover: 7 Tips to Organize Your Closets

Closet organizing is a daunting task and can be an emotional journey for some. We all have items we save as a time capsule to our special memories and events. How much is too much to save? Honestly, purging takes away the guilt of owning things that you purchased but never used, expensive items that are really out of style, erasing the reminders that things don’t fit like they used to. It’s a creative process that gives you back your free time in the end, and it doesn’t have to involve a design team and your credit card.

1. Purge the Obvious.
Start with the available closet space in mind. Purge the obvious items or things that you don’t use.  Remember those gifts and unused appliances that made its way to your closet space, donate them to charity.  Believe it or not, you’re making someone very happy with these donated items.

2. Purge the Old.  
Your closets should be functional, with items you love, fun, seasonal need, new basics, specialty items. Number one rule – they must be current in style and must all Fit your current size. If you haven’t used a personal item in 10 years, you don’t need it. Your closet should represent the you now. Imagine the joy and fun of opening the closet door to all your favorites, to make you feel more beautiful and put together. After all, life is about love and happiness.

3. Top Shelf.
Do you seriously think you can keep up with those folded piles on the top shelf?  Every time you pull one down, it’s like a melting castle.  Keep your folded piles in your dresser shelves for easy access and up keep.  Use your top shelf for storage, like purses and bags. Acrylic or plastic drawers or bins can be added to this shelf for smaller items. Remember, air space is wasted space.

4. Shoe Closet. 
There are many solid shoe shelves or closets out there that fit nicely in most closets on the closet floor. Don’t get the wired ones as they can damage your shoes. The perfect place to create a shoe closet space is by the front door or foyer.

5. Hanging Space. 
Replace your plastic hangers with slim fit velvet hangers.  Believe it or not, they can increase your hanging space by up to 30% compared to the plastic.  Add a no-installation second hanging bar that hangs from the original top bar to double your hanging space.

6. Seasonal Storage. 
Store your seasonal clothes in plastic bins with lids.  Put them side-by-side on the closet floor to create a new “shelf” space.  Or stack them up high in your storage space.

7. Coat Closet. 
The closet by the door is never big enough for all our seasonal outerwear, especially those of us who live in hemispheres with extreme seasons.  Purge the old ones that serve the same purpose with similar styles and colors.  Yes we’re all guilty of over-abundance, especially those irresistible trench coats and leather jackets. Resist end of season sales impulse buy until you check your coat closet.

The perk in getting organized is we have room for our really important keepsakes. I have mine all in one large box only and it makes everything in it extra special.

What’s your biggest struggle in your home or business? What’s keeping you away from what you love to do? Is your Life Lists overwhelming? A professional organizer can help you to figure out and realize your new vision.

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