Instant Relaxation

Relaxation is not a technique.  It is an intention and a choice.  Steal just a moment each day for yourself and make it count. Commit to a simple routine a day and feel better. Simply.

We are all experts in getting all stressed out, and we all know it’s bad for us and everyone around us.  Magazines, books and blogs are full of tips and techniques, but we forget all about it as soon as we’re done reading.

Why?  Because our mind and body have become used to and even addicted to this excited negative state. Most daily stress comes from fear and are not based on facts or even probabilities.   Did you know that your natural state of being is relaxed and limitless?

Scientists have long known that heart-focused, positive emotional  states boost the immune system, while negative emotions may suppress the immune response for up to six hours following the emotional experience.

Choose your life moments and make it an Instant Relaxation moment every day.

      • Start your day feeling great and expect great things . Your energy level will change.
      •  Smile often.  A sincere smile changes your body chemistry.  Fake smiling doesn’t.
      •  Love.  Visualize a love moment. Call up that moment whenever you feel stress.
      •  Knowing.  There is always a solution to every problem. Relax!
      •  Gratitude. 2 minutes of Thank You mantra while in traffic, or keep a gratitude journal.
      •  Joy.  Enjoy bonding time with your family and fill your heart with joy. Forget about the dishes.
      •  Focus.  Deep breathing exercise and meditation.  A focused 10-15 minutes is amazing.
      •  Music.  Listen only to music that invoke happy feelings.



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