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10 Rules to Getting Gifts People Love

Wherever we go nowadays there is a gifting occasion at all times of the year and for every occasion. How do we meet all the gifting needs from the heart and also fulfill all the other gifting etiquettes, and do it within our money and time budget.  Get organized using these tips.

When to Do It

Small gifts are often given to clients and business partners, the team at the office, the security guard, the concierge, the teacher, the postman, the neighbor, the parking lot attendant, and literally everyone you see every week !!!

First off, draw the line somewhere on that list. When in doubt, I typically will look at whether a gift is expected, appreciated or potentially create awkward consequences. The key is to keep it small, to clearly show your appreciation with no expectation to be reciprocated.

10 Rules to Be a Gifting Genius: 

If you are shopping for the masses, for our clients, or the “Nice gesture” category, skip the pain and try shopping by these rules:

›1. Plan Ahead.  Get Organized.  Know your mass gifting list each year and have a per item budget. Do you need to start a gifting “stock pile”? Sign up to websites that list current deals, sales and coupons (free or discounted purchase).

2. Remember to buy for the recipient.  People often make the mistake of making a purchase decision based on their own tastes or just their budget for an obligatory gift. You most likely will disappoint, your money wasted, your motive and credibility ruined. Always buy for the recipient!!!

3. Buy Year Round. Keep your eyes open for sales during your routine shopping trips, especially at known sale seasons, like the semi-annual sales in July and January. Know your favorite gift shopping stores, their sale and refund policies. Check out on-line options for the same store, which often have the same item for less and would be in stock.

›4. Buy Genderless Gifts. Get generic genderless gifts. Forget brand names, activity-related gifts or super-girly gifts. This is your mother-load in sale shopping. You hunt, you score and stock up multiples of the same item that can be used as a gift for either sex of any age. Order them on line and have them shipped free and hassle free.

5. ›Avoid Seasonal or Tacky Gifts. Definitely avoid buying gifts that restricts your gifting options. A kiss of death would be designs that contain month and year, organization or product name, event or sports team name, religious symbols, foreign language. Well, you get the idea. Trust your instincts on what makes an annoying gift.
6. Avoid the Most Hated List. Some popular gifting choices are universally disliked, like clothing, perfumes, home décor, cheap jewellery, books and cups. Avoid items that most people will have a personal preference, especially someone you don’t know very well.
7. Risk Management. Go for things that are commonly used or hot trendy new popular items. E.g. new cell phone accessories, new or cute electronic gadgets, wine from a popular winery, movie tickets, coffee card, Don’t let them catch you re-gifting!

8. Popular and Neutral Tones. Neutral tones are more universally liked. No trendy colors or patterns that gets outdated faster than you can give them away. Some people can identify the year when you make the purchase by the pattern or style you have on the item. Metallic tone is the best option and is considered a neutral. Longevity is an added benefit if you can’t use it up in a year or two.
9. Build Exciting Options. Build a few timeless options in your gift “stock pile” for different occasions. Picture frames (metallic, wood, glass, vintage or bling options), timeless pieces of cool gadgets or electronic accessories, items you find from your travels that are not available locally. Your travel finds can be super low budget and super hot as a gift.

›10. Your Image. Remember your gift tells a story of you and projects an image. So make sure it is the image you intended especially if it is business gift. The image should be tasteful and definitely not cheap looking or inappropriate.

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