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10 Best Home Spa Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love a relaxing home spa party to bond with your besties?  The key to any successful home party really is to have a plan and prep schedule, to make sure you can just enjoy the event with your guest.

Party Theme
Holistic wellness or health spa. There are a lot of options available and the professional help you need to hire.  Consider your guests’ interests and stick with 1 or 2 activities.  Energy workers, masseuse, yogi for healing meditations and relaxation.

Beauty spa
Ask your vendor for a sponsored event with their products and specialist on site to pamper your guests and demonstrate their products. Hire a good aesthetician for skin treatments, mani and pedi’s. No finger foods on this one!

Wine tasting bar
Select from your favorite wineries and get your caterer to serve light fabulous hors d’oeuvres that pairs specifically with each wine.  This can be done outdoors or indoor. The goal is to create a relaxing and fun ambiance with light music and cool green decor.  This is the perfect theme for socializing and bonding with your besties.

Décor and Product Sponsor

Dedicate a room in your house and empty out all existing furniture and décor.

Make room for massage tables and equipments from your vendors.  Upgrade your chairs with spa chair throws and floor pillows. Create the right themed ambiance with the right props and candles.  A long table for guest spa supplies, gift bags, food and drinks.

Allow your vendor to display their spa or holistic wellness products, with free samples and coupons. Negotiate a party sponsor deal for this arrangement.

Special Touches

Beautiful Centerpiece that are made of multiple individual small containers of Wheatgrass flats, Mixed Herb, Beeswax candles (produce negative ions) or Greens that you can give to your guests when they leave.

Gift Bags for your guests when they arrive, like eye masks, sun glasses, spa towels, magnetic bracelets, beauty or spa products  that they can use at the party.

Fabulous Food and Drinks is a must. Choose healthy light fabulous appetizer and finger goods to go with your theme. Special themed organic juices and smoothies, and your guests will appreciate the alcohol option.

Party Gift Bags. Plan ahead to buy items in bulk and small containers to create luxurious looking gifts for your guests:

  • a small Beeswax candle (add a ribbon & tag with guest name)
  • relaxing music (cd’s personalized with guest name)
  • lavender bath salts (mix organic lavender buds and essential oil with natural bath salts) or make lavender tea (mix organic lavender buds with white tea leaves)
  • organic rosemary or frankincense skin/massage oil (mix organic essential oils with sweet almond oil)
  • mood mist sprays (add a few drops of organic frankincense, thyme and lavender essential oils to distilled water in a small spray bottle and label).
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