Receive a 1-on-1 consultation in person or via phone.

We are always happy to meet with you to discuss our services.

  • Our goal is to get informed to help us assess your needs
  • Discuss your timeline and budget requirements
  • Understand your health and safety concerns
  • Complete our assessment form and provide information on our policy
  • We also offer Consulting Services for customers who need expert advice and training
  • Your consultation is completely confidential

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Our Fees and Policies


  • Hourly rate starts from $25 up to $85, minimum 2 Hours.
  • Group rates and discounts for routine ongoing services.
  • Customized fees for Event Planning and large projects.
  • Client Referral credit.
  • Shopping and Expenses reimbursements.

Policies and Confidentiality

  • 24 hour advance notice is required on booking cancellations and change. Clients will be charged for the scheduled time if notice is not received by this time.
  • Deposit is required for new clients, events and projects.
  • Service involving travel to area exceeding 10km will be charged a mileage allowance of $0.50 per km.
  • HST are added to your service fee as required by law.
  • We reserve the right to decline a service engagement that is illegal, immoral, and/or may put us at risk of injury or loss.
  • We do not sell or exchange client information to third parties.
  • We obtain client consent prior to hiring and release of necessary information to third party vendors for a service.