Closet Makeover: 7 Tips to Organize Your Closets

Closet organizing is a daunting task and can be an emotional journey for some. We all have items we save as a time capsule to our special memories and events. How much is too much to save? Honestly, purging takes away the guilt of owning things that you purchased but never used, expensive items that are really out of style, erasing the reminders that things don’t fit like they used to. It’s a creative process that gives you back your free time in the end, and it doesn’t have to involve a design team and your credit card.

1. Purge the Obvious.
Start with the available closet space in mind. Purge the obvious items or things that you don’t use.  Remember those gifts and unused appliances that made its way to your closet space, donate them to charity.  Believe it or not, you’re making someone very happy with these donated items.

2. Purge the Old.  
Your closets should be functional, with items you love, fun, seasonal need, new basics, specialty items. Number one rule – they must be current in style and must all Fit your current size. If you haven’t used a personal item in 10 years, you don’t need it. Your closet should represent the you now. Imagine the joy and fun of opening the closet door to all your favorites, to make you feel more beautiful and put together. After all, life is about love and happiness.

3. Top Shelf.
Do you seriously think you can keep up with those folded piles on the top shelf?  Every time you pull one down, it’s like a melting castle.  Keep your folded piles in your dresser shelves for easy access and up keep.  Use your top shelf for storage, like purses and bags. Acrylic or plastic drawers or bins can be added to this shelf for smaller items. Remember, air space is wasted space.

4. Shoe Closet. 
There are many solid shoe shelves or closets out there that fit nicely in most closets on the closet floor. Don’t get the wired ones as they can damage your shoes. The perfect place to create a shoe closet space is by the front door or foyer.

5. Hanging Space. 
Replace your plastic hangers with slim fit velvet hangers.  Believe it or not, they can increase your hanging space by up to 30% compared to the plastic.  Add a no-installation second hanging bar that hangs from the original top bar to double your hanging space.

6. Seasonal Storage. 
Store your seasonal clothes in plastic bins with lids.  Put them side-by-side on the closet floor to create a new “shelf” space.  Or stack them up high in your storage space.

7. Coat Closet. 
The closet by the door is never big enough for all our seasonal outerwear, especially those of us who live in hemispheres with extreme seasons.  Purge the old ones that serve the same purpose with similar styles and colors.  Yes we’re all guilty of over-abundance, especially those irresistible trench coats and leather jackets. Resist end of season sales impulse buy until you check your coat closet.

The perk in getting organized is we have room for our really important keepsakes. I have mine all in one large box only and it makes everything in it extra special.

What’s your biggest struggle in your home or business? What’s keeping you away from what you love to do? Is your Life Lists overwhelming? A professional organizer can help you to figure out and realize your new vision.

8 Foods to a Calmer and Happier You

The natural abundance of foods that are good for us is no accident and is nature’s way of providing for us. Here’s a sample of amazingly common foods that nature provides to keep us all happily Zen.

1. Dairy Products
Tryptophan, an essential amino acid commonly found in dairy products as well as many plant and animal proteins, has incredible calming effects. Research found the probiotic in yogurt also produces a calming effect to your nerves. Calcium and magnesium are vital minerals that promote relaxation. So a glass of milk or yogurt is an excellent dose of calm.

2. Quercetin
Kale is the superstar green known for its superpower antioxidants, including quercetin, known for suppressing the production of allergy-producing histamine. Grapes are also a source. A calm body will give a sound mind.

3. Vitamin C
This super vitamin has been shown in research to reduce blood pressure, cortisol, and psychological stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone which activates your stress response, raising your heart rate and blood pressure, cause for many inflammatory diseases, and suppressing your immune system when you’re anxious or afraid, and leads to long term damage to our health. So eat your fruits and veggies with a smile!

4. Serotonin
Complex carbohydrates increase the amount of serotonin in your brain. According to Princeton University, serotonin is known as the happiness hormone because it contributes to feelings of well-being. So make sure you get your dose of whole grains or sweet potato when stress and mania hit.

5. Omega 3
These essential fatty acids are widely available in both meat and vegan sources. So no excuses for missing the mark! Omega 3 reduces the body’s cortisol, inflammation and anxiety. Inflammation is the cause in most known diseases. Salmon and sardines are great sources, but raw flax seeds and walnuts are even better!

6. Vitamin B’s
The star of this group of vitamins is B3 or Niacin, some referred to it as the natural tranquilizer. All other B vitamins also play important roles in balancing bodily functions that reduce stress response. The best source really is fish and meats. Pumpkin seeds, peanuts, asparagus and mushrooms are good vegan options. Yeast extract spread is the most excellent source if you can find it.

7. Avocado
This has to be the all-star vegan food hands down and is a chameleon in versatility! It is loaded with plant sterols that keep our body’s inflammation under control. It’s also an excellent source of B vitamins and folate, as well as healthy fats that make you feel satiated and calm. We need a mantra for this one: Om Avocado!

8. Brain Food
You know the old Chinese saying, a shape for a shape. Eat a food that has the same shape as the body part that needs it. Voila! It’s the common walnut and walnut oil. It is fully loaded with a balanced ratio of Omega 3 (see #5 on our list) and Omega 6, plant sterols and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and physical stress, improving memory and cognitive functions. Aha! The Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that walnuts and walnut oil lowered blood pressure and stress responses.

Spa Ideas
10 Best Home Spa Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love a relaxing home spa party to bond with your besties?  The key to any successful home party really is to have a plan and prep schedule, to make sure you can just enjoy the event with your guest.

Party Theme
Holistic wellness or health spa. There are a lot of options available and the professional help you need to hire.  Consider your guests’ interests and stick with 1 or 2 activities.  Energy workers, masseuse, yogi for healing meditations and relaxation.

Beauty spa
Ask your vendor for a sponsored event with their products and specialist on site to pamper your guests and demonstrate their products. Hire a good aesthetician for skin treatments, mani and pedi’s. No finger foods on this one!

Wine tasting bar
Select from your favorite wineries and get your caterer to serve light fabulous hors d’oeuvres that pairs specifically with each wine.  This can be done outdoors or indoor. The goal is to create a relaxing and fun ambiance with light music and cool green decor.  This is the perfect theme for socializing and bonding with your besties.

Décor and Product Sponsor

Dedicate a room in your house and empty out all existing furniture and décor.

Make room for massage tables and equipments from your vendors.  Upgrade your chairs with spa chair throws and floor pillows. Create the right themed ambiance with the right props and candles.  A long table for guest spa supplies, gift bags, food and drinks.

Allow your vendor to display their spa or holistic wellness products, with free samples and coupons. Negotiate a party sponsor deal for this arrangement.

Special Touches

Beautiful Centerpiece that are made of multiple individual small containers of Wheatgrass flats, Mixed Herb, Beeswax candles (produce negative ions) or Greens that you can give to your guests when they leave.

Gift Bags for your guests when they arrive, like eye masks, sun glasses, spa towels, magnetic bracelets, beauty or spa products  that they can use at the party.

Fabulous Food and Drinks is a must. Choose healthy light fabulous appetizer and finger goods to go with your theme. Special themed organic juices and smoothies, and your guests will appreciate the alcohol option.

Party Gift Bags. Plan ahead to buy items in bulk and small containers to create luxurious looking gifts for your guests:

  • a small Beeswax candle (add a ribbon & tag with guest name)
  • relaxing music (cd’s personalized with guest name)
  • lavender bath salts (mix organic lavender buds and essential oil with natural bath salts) or make lavender tea (mix organic lavender buds with white tea leaves)
  • organic rosemary or frankincense skin/massage oil (mix organic essential oils with sweet almond oil)
  • mood mist sprays (add a few drops of organic frankincense, thyme and lavender essential oils to distilled water in a small spray bottle and label).
Gifting Ideas
10 Rules to Getting Gifts People Love

Wherever we go nowadays there is a gifting occasion at all times of the year and for every occasion. How do we meet all the gifting needs from the heart and also fulfill all the other gifting etiquettes, and do it within our money and time budget.  Get organized using these tips.

When to Do It

Small gifts are often given to clients and business partners, the team at the office, the security guard, the concierge, the teacher, the postman, the neighbor, the parking lot attendant, and literally everyone you see every week !!!

First off, draw the line somewhere on that list. When in doubt, I typically will look at whether a gift is expected, appreciated or potentially create awkward consequences. The key is to keep it small, to clearly show your appreciation with no expectation to be reciprocated.

10 Rules to Be a Gifting Genius: 

If you are shopping for the masses, for our clients, or the “Nice gesture” category, skip the pain and try shopping by these rules:

›1. Plan Ahead.  Get Organized.  Know your mass gifting list each year and have a per item budget. Do you need to start a gifting “stock pile”? Sign up to websites that list current deals, sales and coupons (free or discounted purchase).

2. Remember to buy for the recipient.  People often make the mistake of making a purchase decision based on their own tastes or just their budget for an obligatory gift. You most likely will disappoint, your money wasted, your motive and credibility ruined. Always buy for the recipient!!!

3. Buy Year Round. Keep your eyes open for sales during your routine shopping trips, especially at known sale seasons, like the semi-annual sales in July and January. Know your favorite gift shopping stores, their sale and refund policies. Check out on-line options for the same store, which often have the same item for less and would be in stock.

›4. Buy Genderless Gifts. Get generic genderless gifts. Forget brand names, activity-related gifts or super-girly gifts. This is your mother-load in sale shopping. You hunt, you score and stock up multiples of the same item that can be used as a gift for either sex of any age. Order them on line and have them shipped free and hassle free.

5. ›Avoid Seasonal or Tacky Gifts. Definitely avoid buying gifts that restricts your gifting options. A kiss of death would be designs that contain month and year, organization or product name, event or sports team name, religious symbols, foreign language. Well, you get the idea. Trust your instincts on what makes an annoying gift.
6. Avoid the Most Hated List. Some popular gifting choices are universally disliked, like clothing, perfumes, home décor, cheap jewellery, books and cups. Avoid items that most people will have a personal preference, especially someone you don’t know very well.
7. Risk Management. Go for things that are commonly used or hot trendy new popular items. E.g. new cell phone accessories, new or cute electronic gadgets, wine from a popular winery, movie tickets, coffee card, Don’t let them catch you re-gifting!

8. Popular and Neutral Tones. Neutral tones are more universally liked. No trendy colors or patterns that gets outdated faster than you can give them away. Some people can identify the year when you make the purchase by the pattern or style you have on the item. Metallic tone is the best option and is considered a neutral. Longevity is an added benefit if you can’t use it up in a year or two.
9. Build Exciting Options. Build a few timeless options in your gift “stock pile” for different occasions. Picture frames (metallic, wood, glass, vintage or bling options), timeless pieces of cool gadgets or electronic accessories, items you find from your travels that are not available locally. Your travel finds can be super low budget and super hot as a gift.

›10. Your Image. Remember your gift tells a story of you and projects an image. So make sure it is the image you intended especially if it is business gift. The image should be tasteful and definitely not cheap looking or inappropriate.

Instant Relaxation

Relaxation is not a technique.  It is an intention and a choice.  Steal just a moment each day for yourself and make it count. Commit to a simple routine a day and feel better. Simply.

We are all experts in getting all stressed out, and we all know it’s bad for us and everyone around us.  Magazines, books and blogs are full of tips and techniques, but we forget all about it as soon as we’re done reading.

Why?  Because our mind and body have become used to and even addicted to this excited negative state. Most daily stress comes from fear and are not based on facts or even probabilities.   Did you know that your natural state of being is relaxed and limitless?

Scientists have long known that heart-focused, positive emotional  states boost the immune system, while negative emotions may suppress the immune response for up to six hours following the emotional experience.

Choose your life moments and make it an Instant Relaxation moment every day.

      • Start your day feeling great and expect great things . Your energy level will change.
      •  Smile often.  A sincere smile changes your body chemistry.  Fake smiling doesn’t.
      •  Love.  Visualize a love moment. Call up that moment whenever you feel stress.
      •  Knowing.  There is always a solution to every problem. Relax!
      •  Gratitude. 2 minutes of Thank You mantra while in traffic, or keep a gratitude journal.
      •  Joy.  Enjoy bonding time with your family and fill your heart with joy. Forget about the dishes.
      •  Focus.  Deep breathing exercise and meditation.  A focused 10-15 minutes is amazing.
      •  Music.  Listen only to music that invoke happy feelings.



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